Ask the Resident Alim

Have a matter of Fiqh you would like further clarification on? Simply pose a question to our resident Alim, who will endeavour to support you.

Ghusl & Burial Support

We provide bereavement services, from ghusl and salaat for the deceased, to support with your burial arrangements. Contact us to find out more.

Nikkah Ceremonies

Our personalised Nikkah services can be conducted in English, Urdu or Farsi. Find out how we can support you on the start of your next stage in life.

Request Istikhara

Seeking guidance on an important decision? Get in touch with us to request istikhara prayers on your behalf.

Access our Library

We have a growing collection of Islamic and academic literature in English, Arabic and Farsi. Visit the centre to browse our titles.

Enrol in the Madressa

Want to instil core Islamic values in your children? Our Sunday madressa is suitable for children ages 4 – 16 seeking to develop their knowledge in a warm and nurturing environment.